Fact:  A woman can get a man

          alone within hours
          ...and kill him in seconds.

Fact: Men always underestimate

         beautiful women.

Fact: In February 2013 the

         United States military

         opened combat roles to

         women but no woman has

         "officially" been trained in

         Special Operations.

Fact: The military doesn't do

         anything without years of

         successful testing first.

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KaLyn leaves it up to  the reader to decide what is

real and imagination

Rara avis in terries 

is Latin for 
“a rare bird in the lands.”
In the ancient world it was believed
that the landing of a single

black swan
created a change that would

affect the entire world.

The Ladies of Black Swan were active duty military selected for a test program to prove women could be as effective as men in Special Operations, like SEALs, Special Forces, Force Recon, and SpecOps. Unable to return to the military until the services allow women in those roles, these five, highly-trained assassins now work for Section 7 of the Department of Homeland Security. Their mission is always to eliminate someone who has the potential to cause a Black Swan event. 

The Black Swan Series is based on the following facts:


Katlin's Special Operations training isn't the only secret she's keeping from Alex. 

When Alex saw Kat again, memories of their college days flooded his mind and soul. They'd been lovers, and she was his. Now both single, again, he's determined to win her back.